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Flat-Nose Pictures

Just a few of the Flat-Nose pictures I've collected.

Please send me some pictures of your Flat-Nose. I'd like to post them here. If you like any of these, feel free to save them to your hard drive.

1972 Revcon 220

One of the first Revcons, a very nice vintage photo.

Taken from the Revconeers website.

1971 Revcon 250

A beautiful example from the back of the 1971 sales brochure.

1977 Revcon 260

A very nice Flat-Nose indeed.

1977 Revcon 260

Looks good even without the hubcaps.

1977 Revcon 260

The tail of a Flat-Nose, just as flat as the nose!

1977 260 Dashboard

Notice the Oldsmobile steering column and wheel, pedals, and speedometer, and of course the orange and brown shag carpet!

Looking towards the front of the 1977 260

Quite a bit of room for a 26 feet long coach. Includes Revcon's signature teak magazine rack.

1973 250

That is one flat nose!

1977 260 and 290

I'd love to have the 290 with the tag axle. So much more room than my 250! The 290 may be the rarest Revcon of them all, only built in 1977.

1973 250 Passenger Seat

A very cool 2 passenger swivel front seat. Check out the aircraft-style reading light above the seat. Revcon spared no expense in those days.

1977 260

Incredibly restored with a stunning paint job! Certainly doesn't look like it's nearly 30 years old!

The drivetrain that made it possible

1966 Oldsmobile Toronado 425 cubich inch V8 and TurboHydramatic 425 trans-axle, the drivetrain that inspired John Hall.

1974 250

Nice Revcon surrounded by wildlife from the 1974 brochure cover

How'd that Slant-Nose get here? Click on it for the Slant-Nose gallery